Why bathrooms?

We have no clue. But we know we’re good at it.

A bathroom is often an overlooked part of the house. We cook in the kitchen, we welcome guests in the living room, and the bathroom, as a place just for us, often doesn’t have a part in our design. We’re pushing it to the margins.

We don’t get this approach.

And we disagree with it completely.

A bathroom is an intimate space. It gives us good vibes in the morning and helps to relax in the evening, after the whole day. However it’s usually not too big, it needs to contain a lot- not just equipment, but also people who are getting ready to go out. A bathroom must be easy to clean and very capacious. Who knows how many shampoo bottles will have to fit in?

If the design is right, it performs all its functions. If it’s wrong, it brings about frustration and discouragement.

At BathLab we study bathrooms and bow down in front of them.
We know that relaxation is all about the details- from the colours to the arrangement of the cupboards to the lightening, which should wake you up or soothe you, depending on the time of the day. Not too easy? So you’re no longer surprised that we make only bathrooms?  Choose a young team of people who have cut their teeth on tiles, who are not afraid of any sizes, and could sew a dress from shower curtains. All in line with the latest trends!

We invite you to work with us,

The BathLab team.