Why choose us

A bathroom as a living room? Well, you can put it like that.

Some extraordinary things happen in our bathroom laboratory: testing of morning rituals, mixtures of domestic ambiance, creativity explosions and entire bathtubs of great ideas. We want your bathroom to welcome you whenever you want to use it. And we know how to do it!

At BathLab, we know (almost) everything about bathrooms. Are you looking for a team that can do more than laying the tiles and connect the equipment? We make prepare project, pour with ideas and play with concepts, then we renovate, redecorate and simply create a bathroom with inspiration.

While others do everything, we make the best bathrooms. Choose us and feel the difference!

about Bathlab
Freshly renovated

Look behind the curtain, right into our bathrooms.

Why choose us

A well-designed bathroom...

Suits well

Suits you, suits your children, suits your lifestyle. A relaxing bath, a quick shower, or lots of space for toys? We’ll manage that.

It’s lasting

Latest trends, fashion? We make bathrooms which please now and will please in 20 years. And that’s cool.

I will withstand

Hitting the tiles, children in the bathtub, the generations. Durability is crucial for our bathrooms. We choose materials which will provide it.

It wakes you up

A morning shower, brushing your teeth? A bathroom should be able to greet you with its interior and make you feel good.

It’s relaxing

An evening bath, with a book, candles, or a glass of wine? A good bathroom is an oasis, a home spa.

It keeps your things

Towels, laundry, cosmetics, and a rubber duck. With our projects, you will find enough space for all. Regardless of the size.

See the metamorphosis

We specialize in “before and after”. Have a look at how we designed a bathroom in which one wants to dwell.

How do we work?

Three steps for your bathroom.

At Bathlab we treat bathrooms with respect. Our heads are full of ideas, we have production capacities, we have the skills- what else do you need? For us, it’s a ready-made recipe for more than a successful bathroom. Check out how we work!

Good design can’t exist without you. That is why we need to know a lot about you. A bathtub or a shower, black or white- that’s way too little. First, we ask questions, then we deal with the rest.
Redecoration, modernization, work from scratch? Regardless of the stage, your bathroom is at right now, we can take up the job. We make our bathrooms from A to Z. Tiles, suspended ceilings, floor heating? Leave it for us.
Right bathroom decoration is not a detail - it is the main cause of peace and relaxation. Doesn’t matter if your bathrooms has 6, 15 or 20 square meters.
The customers love us

Why not join them?

Just do it

We definitely do more than we talk. We don’t postpone out deadlines, we don’t hide behind formalities, we don’t shrug, and if it’s necessary we look away from the watch. We take our job seriously. And so we take you

Projects with a smiling face

Customers love our team. We use modern technics politely and with class. You will receive loads of ideas, a great project, a perfect execution, and a cooperative ambiance. Even free towels for the new bathroom!

We set the standards

Competition? We do look back at it, to make sure the gap is still as wide as possible. We bring tomorrow every day for the industry, to prove that we can and we must do more.

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For your bathroom’s sake

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